Chairman of the Board


Thanks to God and His success, it has been possible for us to participate in development projects on this good land, the land of the Arab Republic of Egypt, for the third decade in a row, as our company implements all infrastructure works related to drinking water and sewage in order to develop the villages deprived of them.

And we always strive, with steady steps and a clear vision, to provide positive roles to serve the community in all its categories and segments, for the benefit of our dear country by providing a decent life for citizens.

We as Al-Fakeer Company, deal seriously to achieve this by making good use of the various resources and capabilities we have in addition to the distinguished work team in our company, and we also strive with all efforts to achieve the complete satisfaction of our customers and partners to appear in an appearance worthy of Al Fakeer Company.

Mr. Mahmoud Al-Fakeer

Chairman of Board