Occupational health and safety, environment and quality policy

Since Al-Fakeer General Contracting was established, it has always been striving to provide the best services for drinking water and sanitation projects because of its importance in providing services and supporting and developing infrastructure for citizens while maintaining the highest ethical standards and using and applying an administrative system for quality and environment And occupational safety and health in accordance with the requirements of international standards (ISO 14001/2015, ISO 9001/2015, ISO 45001/2018) Respecting all relevant local laws and legislations with the participation of employees and continuity of improvement and development to ensure the provision of services and implementation of works that conform to specifications, achieve internal and external customer satisfaction, raise the efficiency of the human element and maximize its benefit

And that is through the following …

Understand the expectations, needs and requirements of the concerned parties and parties.
– Compliance with laws, legislation and other requirements related to the construction industry.
– Continuous improvement and development of quality, environment, safety and occupational health systems. Educating employees about quality, environment, safety and occupational health systems by providing continuous training opportunities to raise their efficiency.
– Providing the necessary resources by selecting the best human elements and providing infrastructure and all resources to achieve high-quality work according to specifications Technical and international standard specifications and customer demands.
– Monitoring and testing of raw materials, works and processes affecting at all stages by technicians, engineers and quality controllers, each within a currency and documenting these tests. Monitoring and continuous development of work systems, quality of implementation, reduction of accidents and injuries, and reduction of environmental pollution.
– All operations within the company are subject to review, audit, evaluation and corrective action, in accordance with the annual review plan Auditing, quality, environmental and safety system.

The quality management system policy is a living document to build a community within the company that has the spirit of one team to achieve one goal of improvement
And continuous progress to gain customer satisfaction, and therefore this policy and objectives are reviewed periodically with the aim of improvement and development.